Anonymous snow shoveler

It started with Jade Champion and her son, Asher, taking a stray cat into their garage to help it survive the cold.

She tried to make some space for it right outside, by shoveling some snow in her driveway with what she had - a piece of cardboard.

After that, she went inside to make some lunch.

Later, she heard her Ring Doorbell alarm go off, but thought it was just the mail.

"I gave him his lunch. I went outside to check the mail and there was no mail," Champion said.

"It was like a trick," her son chimed in.

"It was a trick, so I got confused and then, out of the corner of my eye, I looked at my driveway and I noticed it was clear," Champion added.

After checking the video caught by her doorbell, Champion noticed a stranger had plowed her entire driveway, porch and sidewalk.

Champion wants to find the mystery helper so she can thank them.

"So, I posted it to my Facebook page and I was just like hey guys, I'm so excited and thankful and blessed that somebody did this for me. Can you help me share this video so that we can find the person who did this? Because we would love to repay him in some way, shape or form," Champion said.

For the single mother, this act of kindness hit a special chord.

"My dad used to do that for us a lot. He used to come over and shovel our driveway or mow our lawn, but when he moved away it fell on me and him to do it. So, just seeing somebody else kind of step up and just do that for a single mom, well that was super heartfelt," Champion added.

She hopes others can be blessed as we round out this winter storm, too.

"With some people having outages, not being able to stay warm, it's great to see somebody actually opening up their home or just shoveling their driveway. Little acts of kindness like that can definitely go a huge way and just makes the world a better place, for sure," she said.

She wants to pay it forward, by finding a way to clear the driveways of elderly neighbors.

"We're going to help them out, too," Asher said.

"We're going to help them out, too. So, that's what we want to do. We just want to continue paying it forward. And like they said, Lubbock is the friendliest city in America and so we want to keep being friendly and paying it forward," Champion said.

If you recognize the mystery snow-shoveler, Champion would like for you to reach out to her on Facebook.