Easter on the East

It's an Easter egg hunt, that almost did not happen, a second year in a row.

But after just three and a half days of work, Easter on the East is on.

Co-organizer Phyllis Gant with Eastside Unity says it is thanks to the many donations from the community.

"The people in East Lubbock are as important as anybody in any other part of Lubbock. They come together, we are going to do what is necessary for the kids," Gant said.

The group had a similar 2019 celebration at the same location, Butler park.

But this year, another organization was in charge until...

"I saw a post where that event had been cancelled and we were talking about it, Jay and I, and he called me and he said: 'I want to do this, I want to do this for these kids.' This guy is a visionary," she said.

Gant has helped Jay Shaw, the main organizer of the event, bring the celebration to life.

She promises this one will be even better than two years ago.

"I'm excited, I'm looking forward to Sunday. I know that there's going to be children opening eggs, they're going to have cash," Gant explained. "I think the golden egg has 200 dollars."

There will also be eggs stuffed with 5 to 20 dollar bills.

In the past week, a post went viral addressed to LPD, urging officers to not bother the event.

"In 2019, we had had a great time, a kid had found the main egg and then all of a sudden we saw like 6 or 7 police cars, with no issues," Gant said.

"What Jay was saying, he wasn't being disrespectful to the police department, he was saying you know, 'this is what we're doing on Sunday, please leave us alone. Don't come out and treat us like we're violating any laws, because we're not,'" she explained.

LPD has issued the following statement:

The Lubbock Police Department is aware of a post being circulated across social media asking LPD Officers to refrain from patrolling a specific area of Lubbock over the Easter holiday. The Lubbock Police Department believes strongly in community policing, as well as the community partnerships that have developed over the years. The department looks forward to seeing the celebrations that occur during this holiday weekend and the opportunity it brings along with it for families to celebrate together. Just as our officers respond to calls for service throughout the year, whether created through our emergency or non-emergency numbers, our officers will continue to respond to those calls throughout the holiday weekend.

Gant says she spoke with members of Lubbock law enforcement this week and hopes this will be an opportunity to bridge the gap between East Lubbock and the police department.

"It's just been, an outpouring of Eastside unity. A community of love. Who are we? That's who we are. Got some issues, but, the bigger picture is [the donations]. Our kids...they will know Sunday, it's for them."

The egg hunt will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Butler Park.