Justin Allen Wetzel

A Littlefield prisoner has been sentenced to 27 months in a federal prison after pleading guilty to sending a bomb threat to a Texas courthouse.

Justin Allen Wetzel, pleaded guilty to sending the bomb threat through the mail. Court documents indicate Wetzel mailed a letter on April 27, 2020, to a state district court in Conroe from his cell in Littlefield. It was addressed to the 435th district court.

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After the courthouse received the letter, officials sent the letter to the Texas Department of Public Safety, who then contacted the United States Postal Inspection Service.

On May 15, 2020, a DPS agent and a Postal Inspector met with Wetzel at the prison in Littlefield. During that interview, Wetzel admitted he wrote the letter to scare those at the courthouse.

Wetzel was serving 15 years on his 12 year sentence convicted of indecency with a child sexual contact.