Enrollment in Medicare

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with changes to medicare could leave many seniors confused about their healthcare benefits and their own care, but a new platform aims to make the process easier for older Texans.

It is called Spark Advisors. Launched in 2020, it is a retirement-focused insurance agency that partners with local independent agents. CEO James Jiang said it is now making its way into Texas.

"We help (agents) to better serve their clients with getting into Medicare, but also best utilizing their plans and answering any questions and support for afterward," Jiang said. "The big difference between us and other agencies is we're focused on supporting local agents."

Ivette Zuliani, an agent broker with Spark, has been working with Texans for 12 years. Her priority is Medicare clients, which she said can be hard to comprehend.

"We make it our mission to make sure they understand how Medicare works versus understanding how the entire world of medicare works, because there's a lot of missing pieces," Zuliani said.

The biggest mistake first time Medicare clients make is trying to avoid paying into Part B, she said.

"Most people say, 'I'm healthy, I don't go to the doctor, why do I need to pay for Part B when that's 140 something dollars less on my social security check?' That's the biggest mistake, because as we grow older we need more medical attention," Zuliani said.

The second mistake, she said, is wanting to find the best plan.

"There is no one best plan. The best plan for the client is the one that meets their needs," she said.

Zuliani said she and other agents understand the needs of clients both on the medical and insurance side, and their collective experience is free.

If you or your parents are on Medicare, Zuliani said do not be afraid to ask questions. To learn about Spark and its services, click here.