There are concrete plans to tear down Legacy Play Village in Southwest Lubbock and rebuild it, according to the City of Lubbock's Parks Department.

While Legacy isn't ran or maintained by the city, the Park Development Manager Lionel Plummer said that plan factors into the master plan for McAlister Park.

"It's a project that I think that will definitely benefit Lubbock and the West Texas region for many years to come as we develop it," City Councilman Randy Christian said.

Plummer said the community-supported playground will be taken down either later this year or early next. The Parks Department's plan's were announced today and are intended to transform McAlister Park. Councilman Christian said it'll include hiking trails, a dog park and lots of natural prairie vegetation.

 Playgrounds, pavilions, basketball courts and splash pads will also be added.

"We just want to make this, not just a part of Western Lubbock, but this is Lubbock's park and a West Texas park. A true regional park," he said. "Somebody goes over to shop at Canyon West and we want them to look over and say we have to go over there. We have to go see what that park's all about."

The master plan will need private funding. Neither Councilman Christian or the Parks Department gave a definitive timeline of when these new additions will be added.