by Brogan Stewart

With July upon us and the fever for football's return growing people have begun to speculate on whether the Dallas Cowboys have a chance to win or even compete for a chance to win the Lombardi trophy. This is a valid question though because Dallas has done very little outside of the draft during the offseason. While also having a handful of high dollar contract extension talks coming with little cap space to spare coming in the next couple of season. In my opinion the Cowboys might have a chance to compete this season, but they will have to overcome a massive issue from last season, and an upcoming one.

The major issue we saw from last season was the lack of offensive production. This is a very large hurdle for Dallas because last year they averaged only 21.2 points per game. This ranks thirteenth in the NFC and is only leading one NFC East opponent. The Cowboys have made some moves to try and fix this, and yes the Cowboys did make the playoffs with this offense.

The problem is that the offense took off after the Amari Cooper trade. Cooper also became the go to guy for the offense outside of running through Elliott, but can the Cowboys survive with one major option for passing and running. Because the Cowboys lost their second pass option in Cole Beasley this offseason, or can Beasley's replacement, Randell Cobb be the second offensive option?

The other major move Dallas made this offseason was that they fired Scott Linehan and brought a new offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore. This move looks to be a good one because where Linehan was more or less stuck running the same plays over and over even when they did not work, Moore seems to be more creative in his play decision.

I feel like this change should help the Cowboys because when Dak got the chance to run run-pass-option (RPO) plays positive things happened, but once Dallas ran one it might be a game or two till they went back to it. I am imaging that Moore will try to create a play book that helps Dak not look like a bus driver as much

Another issue with the offense is that there are a lot of important players that have contract extensions coming in their future. One player is Amari Cooper. The Cowboys should try anything to resign Cooper because he is the best option at wide receiver right now and is the biggest star next to Ezekiel Elliott, who is also coming up on an extension. That right there means that two of the more productive offensive threats on the roster from last year are need to be resigned and then add in Dak Prescott needing a new contract the Cowboys have some high salaries to pay, but they do not have a ton of room to pay.

In my opinion, the Cowboys almost have to compete this year because their window of opportunity is open, but might be closing soon. However, I do not think they can compete with Dak.